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Versatile”, this name matches with facts. One of the most talented professional dancer from Jamaica, Kimikoversatile, has got the merit to spread the concept of fusion between a real yardie dancehall style and afro moves. Here is more about her...

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“Dancehall” intended as both music genre and dance, is, nowadays, the results of a big evolution of sounds and steps. The first era of dancehall is called “old school” which starts around 80’s with the dancer Bogle who was one of famous veterans who laid the foundation of the steps for this dance. With the arrival of 2000, there was a change in the music rhythm that enriched with sounds and effects, so famous dancers such as John Hipe, started to create new moves and steps, with a different flow, more energetic and faster than “old school” moves...

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Talking about females dancehall artists, 2017 is surely the year of one of the most interesting and fascinating music talents. She is currently the best artist from Romeich Records who has literally done “double six like Loodi”. We are talking about the beautiful Shenseea. She first broke out into the music industry in 2016 with her hit “Jiggle Jiggle”; then she went viral with her hit song “Loodi.” feat Vybz Kartel. The song received over one million hits on YouTube within the first week of its release and now it is counting near to 10.000.000 views..

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