“New school era” started between 2010 and 2011, in this period new rising crews of dancers began to create steps with a different and dynamic flow. Nevertheless, some of the artists, were still attached and influenced by the old and middle school and people like Dansa Bling, Famous dancer and Orville Xpression, even in their new steps, still maintain the typical relaxed flow of those old and middle phases.

Also in the female dance there were moves and rhythms still linked to the past (such as “batty rider”, “go go wine” and “butterfly” from the ’90). The evolution went then through an intermediate period with steps like “dutty wine” and “hot fuck” (2006), until nowadays where we can find many more female dancers like i.e. Dancing Rebel, Pretty Pretty Sticky Wine, Kaity Insanity, Dhq Sashi, Chinny Unique, Bamboo Gyal, Nikky Chromaz, who have created, of course, a lot of new steps.

Along with the steps the music changes too; rhythms are faster, the sounds are richer and influenced by different genres (electronic music and hip hop). Singers from Old and Middle school (Voicemail, Ding Dong, Beenie Man, Kartel, Elephant Man, RDX, Mr Vegas, Bling Dawg) influence the new school giving their consideration, in the lyrics, to both old and new dancers (I wanna dance, Dancehall Madness, Yeng Yeng, Chrome Wine, Lol, Kreech, Aji Bounce etc..).

(Article & video by Team Dance)

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