Recording artist Simon Daley better known by his stage name, Savage Savo was born on August 10 th, 1984 in a small Kingston community called Grants Pen. He developed a passion for dancehall music at a tender age hanging around the various dances held in his community as a child.

After leaving St. Andrew Technical High School Savage found he wanted a career in the business of music and became a member of Mavado’s Gully Squad in and met his role model, mentor and musical stalwart in the Dancehall Reggae Arena Bounty Killer, a link made by Flexx. His breakthrough came in October 2009 with the release of “Gully Christmas” a single by Mavado featuring Flexx and Savage on the Christmas Riddim produced by Stephen Di Genius.

In April 2011, Savage aka Savo made the most pronounced move of his career when he signed to Jah Snowcone Entertainment which is headed by Rohan Fuller, who is regarded as one of Jamaica’s Most Talented Producers. Under Jah Snowcone’s guise and direction Savage aka Savo infiltrated the Jamaican music scene with ‘Mi Nah’ on the Ital Stew Riddim.

Savage has worked with many Jamaican labels and producers amongst them are top labels and producers like Big Ship, Don-Corleon, Chimney Records, JahSnowCone, DJ Frass, So-Unique Records, Frassout Records and Fagan Fraternity.

From 2016 he focused on creating hit songs and shooting videos. He did other hit songs like: Clean Skin, Tip Pon Toe, Yes Mama and Jiggle Likkle plus a lot more. Jiggle Likkle been getting a heavy rotation all over the world and now ranking over 9M views on YouTube.


- Hi Savage! Where did your nickname "The Jamaican MJ" come from?
The Savage was passed on to me by my Father, he is the original Savage from way back. Jamaican MJ was given because of my slight resemblance to MJ himself and do to my bleaching (skin color).

- One thing we surely noticed here in Europe, is the creativity work behind your videos! Who ideas and concepts?
Creativity behind the videos It’s a collaboration with myself and my team, I start by creating the vision with song them comes the videos.

- Which artists influenced you the most?
Bounty Killer, Bob Marley

- You are one of the few real "hardcore dancehall" artist. Many fans are disappointed with producers who are "watering down dancehall" to follow the USA musical trends. What you say?
Well not exactly; people might say water down but there are still hardcore elements out there that is and has always been the leading aspect of all genera of music around the world. However, the younger generation who really does not know the roots of our music that has a misconception of what music is or should be. If they knew, I am sure they would try to find back the sound and groove that made us stand out, and that’s what makes most of the international acts try to copy and work with what we have in music.

- Do you think sound systems and selectors are still relevant to push out music?
Yes. Because we need the people to know the new music coming out of Jamaica to the streets, but overall, we need the music to get radio play as well and a broader international platform.

- Lately there was a big noise around some Jah Cure's statement. As a dancehall artist, what do you think about artists who disrespecting soundboy role?
In my opinion every man has their own opinions. But for me I respect each and every player in the music industry: sound personnel, radio DJs, street promotion crew, dancer, vendors every one because there is a part of this thing we call REGGAE/DANCEHALL.

- What's your next project?
Touring and putting out new music and more fun and creative video’s also showcasing my hiding talents (lots of surprises).



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