The Deejay Renegade (Carlton Williams) and the singer Delomar (Andre Bedward) better known as RDX, are a Jamaican duo that is always ready to create something explosive and innovative for reggae and dancehall worldwide scene.

Their peculiarity is that every song is related to a step or a trend that is in vogue in Jamaica, raising interests in the dancers not just from the island but also in those from all over the World, very important thing to create connections and collaborations between each other.

This is mainly notable in their last single video “Mr Wacky" (a single that came out in 2009, previously called “Out and Bad”), where we can see dancers from Jamaica: Boysie, Dansa Bling, Famous, Sample 6, Orville & Shelly Xpressionz, Colo Colo, Timeless taz, Jiggy Ras, Manie gooch, Cojo, Shelly Belly, Global Bob, Latonya Stiles along with dancers from other cities such as Alevanille (Italy), Kiss kiss (Japan), Aga Morko (Poland) performing the steps named by the artists in a tribute that celebrates ten years from Gerald Levy’s a.k.a. “Bogle” loss.

Mr. Wacky himself, king of dancehall, the one that created the basic and most important steps.

RDX with their songs (Daggering, Everybody dance, Jump… etc.) climbed the top of the charts in Jamaica, highest number of views on Youtube and important awards as best group of the year.

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