It seemed Devin Di Dakta was destined for greatness from the moment he auditioned for the eighth Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall. Born Anthony Clarke December 5, 1999 his exciting journey into music all began in high school, when he discovered he wanted to be a recording artist. His hit singles Rrrribambibengbeng, Every Girl, Trailer Load remix, Gyal A Run Me Down, Most Girls and Owna Boss have secured his title as the lyrical surgeon.

WILDCAT: Wa gwan Devin, did you expected all this success? How things goin?

DEVIN DI DAKTA: Yes I expected it because with god by my side and the hard work my manager has been doing I definitely expect great outcome.

Your hype started after a talent show, whats your musical plan now to keep yourself relevant in dancehall industry?

Most people know me as a TV artist. As in, they r use to seeing me live so thats one of the thing I have to capitalize on. So lots of music videos will be out as well as releasing songs for known producers who have a buzz in the streets.

A lot of your songs are produced by Esco, one of the most rated producer in Jamaica. Wich other producer are you workin with rite now?

I work with lots of producers such as Jay crayzie, Blade Social Yard, Chris Rokk, Tj Records, Sly and Robie & Spicy Chocolate etc. Once a producer is serious abt music I am willing to do work.

European people want to know.... what the f#ck "boomshallazumgoshman" means?

Lol.. Stay tuned for the meaning of "BoomShallaZumGoshman".

Whats cookin for the future?

For the future just look out for more music videos from Devin Di Dakta, lots more singles and just look out for me on a stage show near you.



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