2015 is definitely a “dancing” year all over the world from Russia, passing through Thailand, to Japan, and, compared to the past, a lot of people are starting to visit Jamaica moved by the curiosity to discover the original vibes from the island and better live the real atmosphere of the different parties.

It is during these events that it’s very easy to find out which are the new moves that are performed not just from those whom invented them, but also repeated by all the other dancers, and to also catch which are the trends of the moment.

Some of these new moves are: “Gas”, “Lowemi”, “Sehfeh“ (Ravers Clavers), “Hot Rice” (Ovamarz), “Aji Bounce” (Aji), “Watchy Wyah” (Chi Chi Ching), “Gimme Way” (Gabbidon), “Lift It” (Shelly Belly), also “Pound and half mix flour”, “High Voltage” and new women’s moves “Hot Up” (Lattie Sweetie) which would be a modern “hot fuck”, “Broke Fimi Back” (Tamara Graham) which people initially argued about because it looks like “Shelly Bounce” move from the Xpressionz Family Dancer, “Up in Deh” (Swa Twinz), all on Razor B songs.

It is also thanks to this steps that dancehall is having this worldwide growth, and Jamaican dancers are motivated to create new trends to let everybody dance, sometimes even confusing the followers with names, variations, look-a-like, between a step and another.

Anyway, either in Italy and Europe, dancehall scene has never been this active, so we can definitely say that they have been able to bring it to the best, and we can just be happy about it.


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