Razor B is many things: singer, song writer, producer and dancehall artist. Versatile in his ability to create songs that resonate with both the young and old, Razor B’s silky smooth style and rough edges reach wide and deep.

Razor B created OG Entertainment in 2008 in Toronto Canada and produced his first studio album ‘This is Razor B’ in 2009.

In 2011 he wrote and recorded his second studio album ‘Split Personality’, later he released ‘We Party!’ in 2013 and ‘Whine and Stop’ in 2014.

In early 2015 Razor B met a young and upcoming producer DJ Franco of New Era Productions and the two had an immediate musical chemistry. Their first recording was a high tempo dance track entitled ‘Hot Up’ which was dubbed an instant hit song by the two musical geniuses. The song “Hot Up” was inspired by a dance move created by popular Dancehall Diva Latty.

With “Hot Up” earning its spot on many charts across the Island Razor B and his team now started focusing on a next anthem for the ladies, another effort by Razor B an DJ Franco entitled “Up In Deh”.

WILDCAT: What's up Razor? Let's start it introducing yourself to Wildcat Sound's fans...

RAZOR B: Well as you all know by now but for those who don't know, I go by the name Razor B, I am not just an Artist. I am an Entertainer.

First "Hot Up", then "Up In Deh", it seems that your goal is generating new trend songs for dancers?

U absolutely right! It is always been my musical aim to get people out on the dance floor and as long as you can get people to dance and have fun to your music the rest is history. The 3 songs that I am running with right now is mainly about females and dancing. Hot Up. Up in Deh and Bruk Back.

Where these new moves come from?

All credit to the dancers they are the ones that create these moves and I find the right songs to match the dances. So collectively we create a hit song hit dance together. I don't leave out my dancers they are very talented girls. I think female dancers don't get enough credit. I want to change that.

Wich sound system/dj's u rate in JA? Who is helping you to have a "buzz" on the streets?

I rate every sound system not only in Jamaica but worldwide that chooses to bring dancehall/reggae on a next level. Well much credit to my roadie Ricco. He's out in the streets every night at almost every party ensuring that a Razor B songs gets played.

Whats cookin for the near future?

There is a lot more good quality high energy songs coming from razor b, as much as I cater to the females, I also have songs that every one can relate to. I am versatile artist. I don't just do songs for me. I do it for my fans. #letsmakehistory


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