Kemar Ottey is a multitalented artist, better known as Ding Dong. He performs both as singer and dancer and during his career he collaborated with a lot of famous artists such as Voice Mail in the single “Wack DIP” and Bogle (passed away on 20th January 2005) in the song “Weh di Time”..

Ding Dong is one of the best dancers with one of the greatest crews in Jamaica, named Ravers Clavers. The original squad was composed of Overmars, Chicken and Beer, Johnny Bravo, Sir Yummi Mundo, Pree Dem, Strength, Desha (Beenie Man’s daughter) and Ding Dong himself.

Ding Dong introduced his crew into dancehall business with the single "Bad Man Forward, Bad Man Pull Up", which immediately reached the top charts positions from 2005 to 2006.

Famous are his singles where he names and shows different steps (that he created), with the other dancers: “Skip To My Lou”, “Drive Round Dem”, “Walk And Talk”, “Croc”, ”Do Di Right Thing”, “Press”, “Gass” and one of the newest, “Seh Feh”.


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