Giordania Joel Phillips, better known in worldwide dancehall scene as J Capri, at the age of 23, has been involved in a serious traffic accident on 23th November of this current year. She’s been urgently hospitalized at the “University Hospital of the West Indies” where she immediately received surgery.

Few hours after the accident, the news spread out on the internet. Several reggae and dancehall artists, went to visit the girl at the hospital and donated their blood, starting a compaign inviting the more persons as possible to do the same.

Despite doctors’, parents’ and friends’ hard work to make her survive, even if a lot of people tried to be close to the girl with an hope or a prayer and spent a minute to think about her, the young artist deceased on the 4th of December 2015.

The location where the funeral service was held was “The University Chapel of the West Indies” (Ja); a lot of people occured wearing multicolored dress as requested by the family. Of course colors weren’t enough to lift people’s mood and during the different artists’ tributes (like Romain Virgo, Christopher Martin, Cherine Anderson..), the crowd couldn’t hold tears thinking about the beautiful person whom Giordania Joel Phillips was and about how life could be unfair sometimes.

A couple of days after the funeral service, her father said: “We are going to celebrate her life. She was a fantastic person, a star gone too soon, but we are going to celebrate her short but incredible life and all that she stood for. We are going to send her home with style”.

That said, we would like to remember her at her best. J Capri, considered as one of the “Queen of dancehall”, apperead the first times in reggae scenes thanks to the jamaican producer Rvssian, that immediately catched her skills and gave her the opportunity to collaborate with different artists such as Charly Black, Lisa Hyper, Vybz Kartel and Konshens.

Her songs are considered real “dancehall anthems” for dancers. Each videos was an inspirational source to learn and create new steps:

  • Reverse It”, with some of the most impressive dancers from the international scene like Binta (from Black Out Crew) and Melpo Mellz (Sweden)
  • Boom And Bend Over
  • Whine & Kotch” featuring Charly Black
  • Pull Up To Mi Bumper” featuring Konshens

She was an artist that left this world to early, in the middle of youth and at the top of her musical career. The only thing we can do from here is to be close to her family for the loss. We hope she can rest in peace even if we are sure that, in a better place, she is making everybody dance on “Whine’n’Kotch”!

In memory of J Capri

Thanks fi yuh music, love

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