Talking about dancehall, women’s role became very important during 90’s, when Bogle started to show his moves and DHQ Carleene created “Butterfly move” and showed her first “Headtops”; but at a cert point women’s presence at parties like “Mojito Mondays” or “Uptown Monday” has started to decrease, the “girl’s-sessions” were left at the end of the night because it lasted limited time.

Luckily this lack has not persisted that much, in fact it has been recovered with the formation of proper dancing TEAM representing the singers during the parties (i.e. TEAM DON ANDRE formed by DHQ SHER, NICKEISHA, RENEE 6.3, DHQ HEADTOP (and more) TEAM RAZOR B, OUTSHINE GIRLS, CHINNY UNIQUE, SWATWINZ TEAM SPICE: DHQ DANGER, DHQ TALL UP, SHELLY XPRESSIONZ, STACY XPRESSIONZ, TALLAWAH XPRESSIONZ); having a team that dance during a party, attires crowd’s attention on women and of course on the “dancehall queen style”.

Thanks to the example of famous dancers like Sher, Nickeisha and Shelly Xpression, a great number of girls started to take it serious and fun at the same time, in both Jamaica and Europe (where it’s always been hard to consider the Dhq style an actual dancing style because of the “extreme” moves) and indeed all these new dancers started to pay more attention to their bodies and how to use them at their best.

As it often happens in Jamaica, this new ting fueled the rivalry between different team (there has even been an episode between TEAM ANDRE and TEAM SPICE where even a table (!) has been thrown from Dhq Sher to Dhq Tall up (…), but at same time it was the reason to start a new collaboration between women, and this is such a good news for us. 

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