Dancehall recording artist Tegana Hemmings better known as RAYTID is the son of veteran enterteiner and song writer Lloyd Hemmings, this burgeoning star hails from Kingston 13 and aims to make himself a name for himself since his debut in 2013.

Hi Raytid, please introduce yourself to Wildcat Sound fans dem. How did you start your musical career?
I am Tegana Hemmings aka Raytid, born and raised in Kingston Jamaica. I started my career in music from i was a youth cause I use to sing at talent/stage shows in my community. Things officially started when I met Mario C and did the songs "Wah Dis" and "Unfair". However it was when I did "Forward" people start notice me and Demarco decided to sign me to his camp, True Gift Entertainment (TGE). That is where I found my biggest hit to date "Blahdaff", giving me the name 'Mr. Blahdaff'.

The "Blahdaff" song gave you a big popularity through the dancers community worldwide. How and why did you choose to jump into the dancing thng? Which dancers/crew are you collaborating with?
Well I did this song ("Blahdaff") as a test enuh. I along with the engineer back then (Jay Crazie) were in studio trying out some different type of songs and he came up with this idea and I liked it so I wrote the song from a slang Shelly Belly always use. After that DHQ Sher, Nickeisha and Renee 6:30 came up with the dance for it. We started to promote it and the rest is history. I am not really collaborating with any dancers right now, I sing songs for everybody. I am currently promoting a dancing song though titled "Wild Bouy Swing", a dance made by the Equinoxx dancers.

What do you think about the learning of dance steps and moves through songs videos?
Well I am not a dancer so I wouldn't have an issue with that cause my concern is with my music and that it reaches worldwide by every means possible.

Which artists are you inspired to?
Artists such as Demarco, Vybz Kartel, Bob Marley, Sizzla Kalonji and Bounty Killer inspire me the most.

What's cookin next?
Currently I am promoting the singles "Caribbean Girls" produced by True Gift Ent on the Tropical Punch Riddim and "Whine And Go Dung" produced by Evah Bling Music. Oher songs that are doing tremendously out there are "My Days" produced by Tj Records, "Dinkie" by Blaqk Sheep Music, "Even Though You Gone" by PMGJa "Champion Bubbler" by Zj Dymond's Full Charge Records and "Dutty Shake" by FiyahBlaze Productions. You can follow me on instagram, twitter and Facebook @iamraytid and subscribe to my RaytidVEVO channel for updates.

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