The daggering is a jamaican dance performed by a couple formed by a woman and a man, it is born with the new era of dancehall music around 2008-2009. It is very similar to other Caribbean dance styles such as grinding or perreo where the female bend over (bend ova), moving her bottom (booty) almost touching male’s pelvic front zone. Then there are various moves where sexual positions and performances are simulated even jumping one on each other while following the music.

This type of dance became famous thanks to dancehall hits and related videos like "Ramping Shop" by Vybz Kartel and Spice, "Daggering" by RDX, "Daggering" by Mr. Vegas and much more.

But daggering is not meant for everybody, especially since when several accidents started to happen during parties and ironically in bedrooms, while people was trying to imitate those moves.

These situations started to put dancehall in a bad light, because public opinion sees it as a bad example for new generation and a dishonor for the entire Island, so the Jamaican Government decided to ban all the songs containing explicit sexual lyrics, in their "clean" version too, from radio and tv.

The most impressive episode has happened in June 2015 during one of the most famous parties, the Uptown Monday held in Kingston (Shelly Belly crew Bermuda Squad leads the dance). Shelly Belly was daggering with two women on the main stage, while suddenly, the dancer Marvin (already known to be disrespectful to women during the dance) jumped on the stage and performed the "ripped t-shirt ting". The situation got worst then when Marvin pushed the woman to the wall and started to hit her on her head.

At that point it was a dangerous challenge: while holding Logo Logo (very popular person in Kingston dancehall) in his arms, Shelly Belly jumped down from the stage! After first seconds of panic, fortunately all the guests realized that the rest of the crew was waiting down the stage, maintaining a tarpaulin, ready to catch them. Then Marvin tried to do better jumping, while holding a courageous girl, on the bar tent but just ending in involving the bar tender and the other people standing below it into a big accident and leaving without even worry about it.

A little while after this episode, Marvin did presented public excuses to the audience but nowadays he is still performing all around the world creating disorders and scandals.

The question is: where the entertainment ends and the violence get started? Which is the opinion that Jamaican people has got about this matter?

Following are the answers from Dancehallqueen Tall Up ( outta Team Spice) and Craig Black Eagle:

DHQ TALL UP: "Daggaring is too exaggerated and wild, it is not entertaining anymore. They are pushing it to the extreme limits and this gives dancehall a bad name. Dancehall is supposed to be fun and not pain, it is not about causing damage to other individuals. Fortunately I have never had bad experiences with it, but I still think that it was ok back then when there was more fun and cautions. They need to aware to what they are doing to us woman today".

CRAIG BLACK EAGLE: "I don’t do daggering, I only dance with girls slow and easy. I think it get way out of hand to easily and I don’t really like how some guys act with girls. It’s not about accepting hardcore, I just don’t see it as dancing into it".

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