It is that time of the year when Grammy’s Awards nominations are back with their related arguments and celebrations. Despite the fact that some of the greatest artists, are missing from the Reggae category - which has made the fans very disappointed - Jamaican music lovers are still surprised and happy with the nomination of the young singer Devin Di Dakta, for the "Best Reggae Album of the Year" with his debut EP "Reggae For Her", produced by Sly & Robbie. While waiting for the new album produced by South Trade Records, let’s have a talk with this rising star.

How do you explain this experience with the reggae vibes, since you are mostly known for your party tunes such as "BoomshallaZumGoshMan" and "Fix Een"?
Doing Dancehall music Is something I've always love and enjoy. However, reggae music is what I grew up listening to mostly and it also represents me as an individual more. Being a great songwriter and music lover I will continue to do both no matter which one I'm more successful in.

Being so young (only 21!), how do you feel about this Grammy nomination?
I feel so proud of my self being so young not just my age but also young in the music industry and is already nominated for a Grammy. This mean the world to me because I've accomplished what every artiste dream about and there's a lot more in the pipeline. This also shows that Doing the right music with the Right people, you will always get thee right result.

You have recently worked together with Foota Hype on a diss track against Masicka. Is the “Clash’ atmosphere” already in the air, as we are close to the Sting day?
The Song I did with Foota Hype just goes to show that Devin Di Dakta is one of the BEST LYRICIST dancehall had ever seen. If you take the time to listen and try understand the lyrics that are in that song you'll see. It's not because Sting is near, I'm always doing those type of songs.

Kartel and Alkaline fans are surprised with the fact that neither "King Of Dancehall" and "New Level Unlocked", both placed on high positions on Itunes and Billboard charts, have been nominated for Grammys. Do you think that it could be useful to make two different categories for the reggae and dancehall music?
The Recording Academy/Grammy has its criteria for albums to be nominated therefore all the albums that weren't nominated weren't fit so try again next time.. I don't care if The Recording Academy want to make Reggae and Dancehall two different categories next time around, all I know is that Myself and J.L along with Sly & Robbie, Kaz Asonuma, Rory Baker, Tuff Gong International, Shelly Ann Curran and all who worked on this album did an excellent job and now we are nominated for a Grammy.

Wishing you the best for this nomination, could you tell us which are the upcoming projects you are working on?
Currently Promoting the Grammy Nominated Album "Sly & Robbie Presents... Reggae For Her" by "Devin Di Dakta & J.L".. All other updates can be found on my IG page @devindidakta

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