"Dancehall" is literally the name referred to those physical places in Jamaica, which were known, since 50’s, as places where it was possible to dance and listen to some music played by different selectors through huge speakers called "Sound System".

As the years went by and thanks to evolution of this socio-cultural phenomenon, the name "Dancehall" has started to indicate a certain type of dance and music.

The dance has got some distinguish features which make it be very particular; new steps are created every day in Jamaica by the different dancers and each step has a specific name and meaning starting from the old school to the most new.

One of the most creative dancers was Mr. Bogle, who had the ability to create new steps without even focus and all of his steps such as: Willie Bounce, Wacky Dip, Urkle Dance, Bogle Dance, Pelper, LOY, Jerry Springer, Zip It Up, Hotti Hotti Bogle, Sesame Street, Word Dance, Pop Yuh Collar etc. became extremely popular. His period is what is identified as "Old school" and it is around 80's and 90's.

During this time, dancers like Bogle, Johnny Hype, Colo Colo, Boysie Roses and more invented so many steps during the parties where the moves were clarly "named" in the songs, and the crowd danced imitating those moves, interpreting them at their own way and creating other versions. It was a real exchange which went through a specific evolution, but it is still important as an inspiration for nowadays' dancers.

Here, the well known Jamaican dancer Famous outta Collo Squad shows some of the most representative "Old School" steps.

In Bogle move "LOY" the arms reproduce the letters "L", “O" and "Y" and it is present in songs like "Mr. Wacky".

Johnny Hype's move "Chaplin" is inspired by Charlie Chaplin moves and it is present in songs like "Pon Di River" and "Tamale".

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