Even if during 2016 the Mobay Intl Dhq Contest, the usual show dedicated to the dancehall queen style, had not taken place in Jamaica (read here) there have been several competitions all over Europe. One of these events was held on last December 10th, in Rome, Italy: the first edition of “Queens on top”, where fourteen of the best Italian dancers challenged against each other to win the title of “Italy Dhq 2017” and the possibility to officially represent our country in the upcoming European Dancehall Queen Contest.

This kind of competition has born during 90’s in Jamaica, of course as a way to give the opportunity to the participants and especially to the winner to have a better chance for their life, getting out of ghetto’s environment and improve their social and economic situation; but also to spread out the message that the “use” of the female body is not just something provocative, but it is something learned by focusing, hardly working out and studying to fully represent the Jamaican culture in the best way.

Italy has always been present and active in this type of competitions, in fact, before “Queens on top” there was another national happening, the “Italian Dancehall Queen Contest” organized by Pirates Production which has permitted Italy to have its own representation in the World. Some years later, the Italian dancehall queen Alevanille has decided, in collaboration with the organization of Montego Intl Dhq and Dancehall Soldiers sound system from Rome, to give an opportunity to all the Italian girls that feel like test themselves and show their talent.

After a really hard choice, the judges (Binta outta BlackOut crew from Sweden, Latonya Style from Jamaica) decided for Roxy from Bashy Gyal Crew to win the first place, Aurora Rah as second and Clara as third. A special and not expected recognition went to “Martina Frozzy” from Palermo as “Best Outfit” for her performance’s costumes.

Also the European Dhq Contest (which had Binta as winner on its last official edition) will be back in Barcellona on May the 6, 2017.

The happening will by organized by FERRI and the jury will be composed of Alevanille dhq (Italy), Binta dhq (Sweden) and Lua dhq (Russia). The participants will be from Italy, France, Spain, Sweden, Poland and many more countries such as Portugal which will have its first National DHQ contest (Queens on top Portuguese version) organized by Dyana Dua.

Stay tuned for more news from Mobay!

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