Talking about females dancehall artists, 2017 is surely the year of one of the most interesting and fascinating music talents. She is currently the best artist from Romeich Records who has literally done “double six like Loodi”. We are talking about the beautiful Shenseea. She first broke out into the music industry in 2016 with her hit “Jiggle Jiggle”; then she went viral with her hit song “Loodi.” feat Vybz Kartel. The song received over one million hits on YouTube within the first week of its release and now it is counting near to 10.000.000 views.

Hi Shenseea, how did you start your musical journey?
I started my musical journey May 2016 when Romeich who was my boss being the fact that i did promotion, later on discovered my talent as I broadcasted videos of me singing my own songs on social medias (Whats App, Instagram etc) we both came up with an agreement for him to be more than just a promotional boss but to the manager of a career I have always wanted to pursue, which ofcourse is to be an artiste. We then recorded my first single "Jiggle Jiggle" and released it in July 2016. We further on shot a video for this single being the fact that we were receiving great feedback off the audio release.

You’ve got the international spotlight with the "Loodi" single feat. Vybz Kartel. How was this collab?
The collaboration with Vybz Kartel came about when Elvis from So Unique records contacted my manager (Romeich Major) to get me a feature on the song. The track was then sent to me and I modified some lyrics and showcased my talent throughout the song.

Lately we have seen a video on your IG with you and Spice blaming media to "create‎ fake beefs". What did really happen?
Basically I did a new song called "Happy Juk" on the Happy Juk Riddim, produced by Romeich Entertainment.. The first line in the verse stated "the indicator na work because the bulb blow" and of course Jamaicans love the controversy so majority of them started saying I was disrespecting Spice. I knew that was going to happen but we consulted with Spice before we released the song. I am definitely not trying to get in a beef with anyone right now as i have stated that many times but I do music for fun and the joy that it brings to my life and other people, If Spice didn't have a problem with the song then I had no problem in releasing it. I am all about woman power and I would never disrespect a female for attention.

How much hard is for you - as a woman - to be a good artist and why?
Its not just for a woman.. I believe to gain success entirely is hard regardless if you are a male or female. We should always work for what we want. To focus on the complications is where you are already doubting yourself. Do what must be done and do it right.

Which artists inspired you the most and why?
I wouldn't necessarily say an artiste inspired me. I've always been a lover of music ever since I heard it and discovered that I had been given the talent to sing.

You are definitely one of 2017 best upcomers, what's your plan now?
My plan is to make more music. I am a multi-talented individual and I am excited to show the world how versatile I am.. It is only just the beginning and I have so much more to offer, keep up with my movement on my social medias.

Instagram: @shenseea
Twitter: @shenseea20
Facebook: @shenseea
Youtube: @shenseeavevo
Snapchat: @shenseea

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