Versatile”, this name matches with facts. One of the most talented professional dancer from Jamaica, Kimikoversatile, has got the merit to spread the concept of fusion between a real yardie dancehall style and afro moves. Here is more about her.

Hi Kimikoversatile, can you introduce yourself, tell us about your origins and explain where your name come from?

My name is Kimiko Miller aka Kimikoversatile and I'm a professional dancer, choreographer, dance teacher, dance n movement Coach, a makeup artist and hair loctitian and also a mother. I was born in St. Ann, discovery Bay and raised in Kingston.. My father is a Reggae musican who use to travel the world spreading his music, hence he got the name Kimiko which is a Japanese name and it mean 'Righteousness ". Being a major Choreographer in Jamaica, I've choreographed for numerous music videos and events like for Abby Dallas, Diana King, Razor B, D'Angel, Rre, to name a few... Events like Reggae Sumfest, jazz and blues, sting, fun in the sun etc and a movie called 'king of the dancehall' soon to be released.

How did you start your experience in dance ja?

I've known Latonya for many years now and I joined her group called First Class Dancers where we were dancing in the streets and doing promo videos so that persons were aware of us.. On Latonyas first Europe tour, she decide to come back n create a space where street dancers could link up and work on their talents, and gain exposure to the world by teaching our styles of dancing to the world... This space is now called Dance Jamaica Academy. While this was progressing, Latonya chose me to be the Choreography n Performance Manager because of my qualification and experience, and from ever since, I've played a major role in danceja along with the other dancers who have helped to build the brand.

We've noticed that you are very familiar with some "african flavoured beats", how come you choose to mix up the jamaican dancing style with the african musical trends?

African dance plays a major role in dancehall. It's where we come from and we can find our movements looking very similar to African dance because it is naturally a part of us as a black race... I love my roots, and ever since I attended Edna Manley college of the visual and performing Arts, I've learnt tremendously about my west African roots and dances and how I should feel and move as a black dancer..

What are the main differences between Jamaican and african moves?

The main difference is just that dancehall dancing is done to tracks, while all traditional African dances are done to drums... Dancehall dance can be done to drums too and still capture that African feel. If you listen to dancehall the main instrument used is Drum n bass... The drum is always a major symbol in culture of the black diaspora... when I dance dancehall I feel like an African, a real extremely sexy and Elaborative Black African Jamaican woman.

Following this new "jamaican-african style" do you was inspired by some artists in particular?

No I wasnt inspire by an artiste. I was inspired by the connection dancehall and African music had from day one...I also Love and admire the jamaican artist that have tapped into the jamaican-african stream like Busy Signal, Spice, Kalado and African Artiste such as Yemi Alade, P Square, Rihanna (as a Bajan) etc

What are you working right now, ‎and your next projects?

Lol I'm working on a lot of things right now but one major thing is becoming an Entrepreneur, so i'm working towards opening my own studio which will offer different activities from the rest of the dance studios here in Ja... I'm extremely excited!!!

(Released by Wildcat Team Dance)

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